E.J. Lawrence

E.J. Lawrence

"Sleep and wander to the world of dreams."

She never learned to yield
Antigone, Scene II

Unbound seeks to change the narrative of women in cultural history as no more than restrained figures, victims of their gender. Instead, we will examine and discuss women as full persons whose identities can not be be put into neat containers of marginalization.

Within, you will find stories of strength, courage and power — female constellations throughout cultural history. Lights bright with hope, grim with purpose and yes, sometimes dark with intent.

Turn the Page. It may surprise you.
April Theme: "For if she flees, soon she will pursue" ~Sappho (Fragments)

April 3rd: "Revolt: Morisco Women on the Way to Alpujarras" by K.P. Kulski

April 10th: "Set a Fire and Burn--A Norse Revenge Myth" by E.J. Lawrence

April 17th: "Odyssey Weaver" by Guest Contributor Patricia Jakovich VanAmburg

April 24: “Sappho: the Dangerous and Desirable Educated Woman” by Guest Contributor Ava de Cenizas